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    Edel Telenzo Carpets started in Northern Holland in 1918 and started selling carpets in the UK in the 1970s

    Telenzo is known for its 100% wool and wool mix tufted carpets and also for its high quality man-made fibre carpets for domestic and contract use.

    Its striking and sophisticated designs are sold through more than 1,000 carpets shops around the UK and through a network of contractors and wholesalers.


    • BAKERLOO 1.00/4.00/5.00M
    • BARBICAN 4.00/5.00M
    • BURFORD BGE 4.00/5.00M
    • CENTREPOINT 4.00/5.00M
    • CHELSEA 4.00/5.00M
    • GREENWICH 4.00/5.00M
    • HAMILTON 4.00/5.00M
    • JUBILEE 4.00/5.00M
    • MAINLINE 4.00/5.00M
    • NATURE WOOL SELECT 4.00/5.00M
    • PADDINGTON 4.00/5.00M
    • PICCADILLY 1.00/4.00/5.00M
    • SYDNEY 4.00/5.00M
    • VERDI 4.00M
    • WILD ROMANCE 4.00M
    • WINDSOR 4.00/5.00M
    • XPRESS 4.00M

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